5 Course Valentine's Day Beef Tenderloin Menu
Easy Romantic Gourmet Beef Tenderloin Steak Five Course Menu Recipes

Start by choosing an elegant shrimp cocktail, followed by a delicious salad served in a martini glass, then a refreshing sorbet to cleanse the palate. A beef tenderloin steak is sure to please, and finally a beautiful simple dessert.

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beef tenderloin

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Tips and Suggestions for help in planning

The Way To A Man's Heart Is Through His Stomach
The Way to A Woman's Heart Is Showing You Care About Her

Plan an intimate meal, easy romantic recipes special for two, make in advance so that you not only have a delicious meal but most importantly, you spend your time with the valentine love of your life, not in the kitchen.

Set the Mood with table linens, china and tableware, fresh flowers, candles as the only light and soft music in the background.

Make It Simple but Elegant
This is so easy... make everything in advance... a beautiful occasion!!

Shrimp Cocktail
Defrost the shrimp in advance, make the shrimp cocktail sauce ahead of time.

2nd - Salad
Simple to make...  serve in martini glasses.

3rd - Sorbet
Lemon Rosemary Sorbet
Make sorbet in advance and serve before the main entree to cleanse the palate before enjoying a tasty steak

4th - Main Entree
Beef Tenderloin Steak
Stuff the steak with mushrooms then serve on tomato petals for a beautiful presentation with baby red potatoes 

Serve with:

Side Dish
Baby Red Potatoes Carved into Mushroom Shapes
Carve potatoes in advance, keep in cold water...  serve drizzled with Truffle Oil, a great treat 

5th - Dessert
Ice Cream Heart
A simple dessert to make in advance, just put ice cream into a mold...  how simple is that!!

Valentine's Day Menu Ice Cream Valentine Heart

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