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Mexican Quiche
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Artichoke Phyllo Cups
Mini Artichoke Appetizer
with cream cheese, lemon zest, onion

Beef Tenderloin Tartlets
Beef Tenderloin Tartlets
appetizers with pate and Plum Sauce

Boursin Prosciutto Phyllo Cups
Boursin phyllo cups

cups filled with cream cheese, prosciutto and green onions

Onion Sour Cream Tartlets
Onion Sour Cream Tartlets
Caramelized onion appetizers with sour cream in baked pie shells

Mini Quiche Leek Cheddar
Mini Quiche Cheese Leeks Tartlets
Bite sized Mexican quiche

Mini Fillo Shells or Won Ton wrappers
Mini Phyllo Cup Appetizer

with Lemon Zest and Chicken, easy to make

Petite Parmesan Baskets
Petite Parmesan Baskets

delicious tartlet appetizers filled with Goat Cheese Mousse

Mexican Quiche
Mexican Quiche Appetizer

miniature tartlet appetizer cups filled with Pepper Jack Cheese and Green Chilies

Mexican Tortilla Cups
Tortilla Appetizer Cups

Beef, Roasted Tomato, Garlic and grated Cheddar Cheese tartlet appetizer cups

Mini Ham and Cheese Quiche Appetizer
Mini Ham Cheese Quiche Appetizer

tartlets baked in muffin tins on miniature bread slices

Won Ton Baskets Supreme
Wonton Baskets Supreme

tartlet of sauteed mushrooms, Brie and smoked salmon lox

Salmon Mousse and Crème Fraiche Tartlets
Smoked Salmon Creme Fraiche

an elegant make ahead tartlet hors d'oeuvre

Mushroom-Leek Brandy Tartlets
Mushroom Leek Tartlets

a flavorful make ahead tartlet, easy to prepare hors d'oeuvre

Shiitake Mushroom Tartlets
shiitake mushroom appetizer

roast beef, Brie, easy tartlets, to make ahead

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