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Sorbet, Ice Cream, Granita, Sorbet Recipes (photographs)
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Question: When should sorbet be served? Answer: Before the main entree to cleanse the palate to enjoy the main entree

Sorbet is very refreshing and elegant.... usually only 5 Star Restaurants serve sorbet. Sweet sorbet should be a dessert course only

Photographs of all recipes


Citrus Sorbets

Lemon Sorbet
this is a classic palate cleanser, always a favorite

Lemon Rosemary
delightfully refreshing mixture to enhance the main entree of a dinner party 

Lemon Thyme
for a different taste, try this one with fresh thyme

- Basil 
fresh lime juice and fresh basil are combined for unique flavors

Grapefruit Mint
this is so refreshing and a terrific combination for a palate cleanser

Pink Grapefruit Sorbet
serve on a frozen plate of ice for a unique presentation

Orange Sorbet 
quenelles of orange sorbet frozen dessert


Fruit - Vegetable Sorbets

Cranberry  - the easy way
simply open a can of frozen cranberry
juice concentrate and spoon into
stemmed cordial glasses... easy!!!

Green Apple
spoon apple sorbet into hollowed out apple, add a strawberry fan for garnish... very gourmet!

Green Pea with Mint
serve as an Amuse Bouche enclosed in a parmesan crisp

Roasted Red Pepper Sorbet
make into quenelles to resemble a carrot on the plate for a unique presentation

Tomato Sorbet
Savory sorbet, a first course hit alongside a green salad

Chocolate Sorbet

Chocolate Sorbet Quenelles on a Chinese spoon

sooooo deliciously rich!

Chocolate Sorbet on a Tuille Cookie
a delicious rich cocoa kahlua flavor ... absolutely excellent! Serve after dinner.

Ice Cream Desserts

Coffee Tortoni and Kahlua
with Chocolate Ganache, a rich beautiful Italian frozen treat easy to make

Coffee & Cappuccino Cookie Thins
easy to make, served in a Chinese spoon with a Cappuccino cookie thin

Coffee Semifreddo Marshmallow 
easy make ahead creamy frozen ice cream delight

Hazelnut Chocolate Praline Semi-freddo
a wonderful taste and so beautiful, a very gourmet presentation

Ice Cream Timbale  
with Chocolate Ganache, just add chocolate and nuts

Red Rimmed martini glass Ice Cream   
they don't come any simpler than this one, put red colored sugar on the glass rim

Oreo Rimmed martini glass Ice Cream 
put Oreo cookie crumbs on the rim of the glass, then fill with ice cream ... beautiful..!

Popsicle Ice Cream in a shot glass
an easy recipe, just fill shot glasses, add a Popsicle stick and serve

Granita Recipes

Coffee Granita 
Coffee granita is frozen and layered with whipped cream.. elegant and very delicious granita!

Champagne Granita
granita served in a martini glass, with champagne poured over the granita, this is so elegant!

Ice Cream Desserts (cont.)

with Fresh Strawberries, so simple and yet refreshing and very tasty gourmet 

Easy idea wrapped in a Tuille
a unique way of presenting a dessert make the tuille ahead of time, this is a beautiful presentation

Mango Rose
Mango shaped to look like a rose, a simple elegant dessert idea 

Strawberry Baked Nut Crust
Fresh strawberries on a baked nut crust, very refreshing and easy to make strawberry frozen dessert recipe

Valentine Heart
a simple ice cream idea and beautifully presented

Valentine Martini Glass Treat
glass is rimmed with red sugar topped with peppermint candies..  easy! 

Valentine Napoleon Pastry Hearts

filled with fresh strawberries

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