Rib Eye Steak
rib-eye steak is literally the prime rib of steaks, the most desired steak on the market


Prepare Rib Eye Steak with lots of cracked black pepper, secure with kitchen string and broil or grill over high heat for 2 minutes each side for medium rare... yum!  See more Meat Entree Recipes

Rib Eye Steak
recipe and photograph created by Peggy Bucholz www.finedinings.com

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Recipe Type: rib eye steak, beef, main entree, red meat

Prep Time:10 min
Total Time: 10 min
Serves: 2


2 (8 ounce) boneless Rib Eye steaks, 3/4 to 1-inch thick
Salt and pepper, to taste
Fresh Rosemary sprigs for garnish


Secure steaks with kitchen string forming them into an eye appealing round shape; season with salt and lots of cracked black pepper. Broil or grill over high heat for approximately 2 minutes per side for medium rare. Remove string, garnish with fresh rosemary sprigs and serve over rich au jus.

If desired, garnish the plate with a tomato rose and peeled 1-inch yam or sweet potato slice cut with a cookie cutter, or the shape of your choice (see my photograph) for a unique presentation. Gently boil potato slices in chicken broth just until tender; season with salt, pepper, butter and serve with steak. The tomato rose and cut potatoes can be prepared in advance.

wine Wine recommendation: Cabernet Sauvignon; Red Rhone; Merlot

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