Party Tray Appetizer Recipe Index
A recipe index collection of party tray appetizers with photographs


Party Tray Appetizer Recipes Index (photographs)

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Who doesn't love to go to a party and see all different kinds of tasty tidbits displayed on a table with your own recipes and receive all kinds of good comments and maybe even a request for your recipe... how good is that!! All of these can be made in advance... all of them are tried and true.

Insalata Caprese on Skewers
insalata caprese on skewers
cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls and fresh  basil leaves... delicious basil leaves... delicious

Gingerbread Dessert Bites
Gingerbread - Easy Gingerbread Cake Dessert Recipe
Delightful little treats for any occasion

Mini Pizza
Mini Pizza with Pepperoni 
and Cheese Appetizer Recipe
the easiest and most tasty appetizer everyone loves this one

Mini Confection Fruit Cake
Mini Confection Fruit Cake (photograph)
little tiny cakes baked in mini muffin tins... so unique and a fabulous tasting recipe, great for buffets, gifts

Meat and Cheese
Party Tray
a big hit at any gathering and
so easy to do

Beef and Turkey
Party Tray - how to make Beef and Turkey Party Tray Appetizers
an easy tray to make

pita pocket appetizer
filled with smoked chicken

Breadsticks with Parmesan and Prosciutto
Breadsticks with Parmesan and Prosciutto 
        Recipe (photograph)

breadstick dough rolled in parmesan,
baked and wrapped in prosciutto

Fresh Shrimp Served on Ice
Fresh Shrimp Served on Ice with Cocktail Sauce Recipe (photograph)

with a zesty cocktail sauce in a martini glass.. easy party tray to make and impressive

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