Turkey 8 Course Meal Ideas
with Savory Stuffing Balls, Candied Sweet Potatoes and an easy Cranberry Garnish

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This is a classic menu for your guests. When roasted properly is special and inexpensive! ... Great suggestions here for an outstanding meal. You can not go wrong with this main entree.

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Roast Turkey 8 course dinner menu
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~  Menu  ~

Roast Turkey
8 course  


Cucumber crab pickled ginger appetizer
Cucumber slices topped with crab and pickled ginger(photographs)
Sliced English cucumbers topped with crab and pickled ginger

Amuse Bouche

Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce in a Shot Glass
Amuse Bouche Shrimp with cocktail sauce in a shot glass
beautiful presentation of cocktail sauce in a shot glass with a shrimp sitting on top of the glass

First Course Appetizer

Smoked Salmon Mousse with Cucumber Slices
Smoked Salmon Mousse with Cucumber Slices

Smoked Salmon surrounded by cucumber slices sprinkled with dill weed


Romaine Lettuce with Bacon-Dijon Dressing
romaine salad with bacon dijon dressing
Flavorful Romaine lettuce tossed with a dressing of bacon, Dijon mustard and white wine vinegar

Gourmet Soup

New England Clam Chowder
Clam Chowder New England Style
Delicious clam chowder New England style loaded with shrimp and flavorful vegetables



Lemon Thyme Sorbet
Lemon Thyme Sorbet
Refreshing lemon juice sorbet in a cordial stemmed glass with fresh thyme leaves

Main Entree

Roast Turkey

mashed potatoes

giblet gravy

cranberry turkey garnish
  cranberry garnish
savory stuffing balls
stuffing balls  

candied sweet potatoes:
slowly simmer sweet potato slices in brown sugar and butter


Chocolate Mousse Cake
Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe
easy to make 2-inch mini gourmet chocolate mousse cakes, two thin slices of cake with a creamy chocolate mousse filling
make everything in advance, they are fabulous!

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