6 Course Coconut Shrimp Dinner
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An elegant menu for family or special guests, use your best linens, dishes and tableware. Light the candles just before everyone is seated to set the mood for what you have prepared for them.
If your company is staying overnight, check out my Menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner

coconut shrimp dinner
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Main Entrees for dinner parties

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~  Menu  ~

Coconut Shrimp
6 course


Pesto Cheesy Bites
basil pesto and cheese baked in phyllo baskets


Fresh Baby Spinach Leaves
spinach salad

with toasted pine nuts and dried sweetened cranberries tossed with a balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard dressing


Gourmet Soup

Vichyssoise Potato Leek Soup
a smooth flavorful creamy potato and leek combination


Lemon Sorbet
lemon sorbet

 unique and refreshing to cleanse the palate for the main entree

Main Entree

Coconut Shrimp
coconut shrimp dinner

served with a special dipping sauce of horseradish, Dijon mustard and orange marmelade; baby red potatoes filled with flavorful sour cream and bacon; and fresh green beans

Baby Red Potatoes
Prepare any size you like to accompany this entree

Gourmet Dessert

Hazelnut Chocolate Praline Semi-Freddo
hazelnut chocolate semifreddo

a beautiful make ahead dessert decorated with chocolate and Creme Fraiche

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