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What do you, your family and friends do on this special evening?

Consider having an Appetizer Party

Here are some Appetizer ideas you may want to serve on this Eve

Christmas Eve Menus, Dinner Ideas, Appetizer Recipes (Photographs)
Arugula Gorgonzola Appetizer

Christmas Eve Menus, Dinner Ideas, Appetizer Recipes (Photographs)
Shrimp Crostini Appetizer

Christmas Eve Menus, Dinner Ideas, Appetizer Recipes (Photographs)
Stuffed Potato Appetizer

Christmas Eve Menus, Dinner Ideas, Appetizer Recipes (Photographs)
Pita Pockets filled with Chicken

Most all families have settled into a tradition and routine for this special Eve.
Sometimes things change within family units such as marriages, divorces, relocating, etc.
many have to make a decision where they will spend Christmas Eve and what foods will be served, etc.
Some families alternate their visits each year giving "equal time" to each side of the family.
Our family has slowly moved into this format that works for us every Christmas Eve... that is
having an appetizer party.

This is what we do:
Each family provides 2 different types of appetizers of their choice,
we tried having each household
bring 3 appetizers but found that was too many. If you like, you can coordinate between all the families
participating to decide who brings meat appetizers, vegetable appetizers, sweet appetizers, 
a fruit tray, etc. One Christmas Eve each of our families all brought the same thing.... chicken wings!
We've learned to plan ahead. It is a good idea for the host to include in this menu a simple tossed
green salad or even sliced juicy oranges. We have learned over the years when most everyone brings
their best delicious usually spicy hors d'oeuvres,; we all welcome a refreshing crisp, not too complicated,
salad between the bites of gourmet appetizers. Each family provides beverages of their choice. You can
decide whether everyone drinks their own or they are all shared with one another. Appetizers and drinks
are placed on a buffet table, when everyone arrives they are shared together.
Throughout the evening everyone can freely partake as they wish, then it is time for Santa to take
his place by the Christmas tree handing out presents.

Here is another Idea:

Instead of an Appetizer Party,

serve an Elegant Gourmet Candlelight Dinner with several courses

Christmas Eve Menus, Dinner Ideas, Appetizer Recipes (Photographs)
Amuse Bouche
Asparagus Mousse

Christmas Eve Menus, Dinner Ideas, Appetizer Recipes (Photographs)
Main Entree
Lobster Tail

Christmas Eve Menus, Dinner Ideas, Appetizer Recipes (Photographs)
Soup Course
Vichyssoise Soup

Christmas Eve Menus, Dinner Ideas, Appetizer Recipes (Photographs)
Salad Course

Christmas Eve Menus, Dinner Ideas, Appetizer Recipes (Photographs)
Dessert Course
Chocolate Cake

Consider some of these ideas
First of all, I suggest checking out my web page How to Plan an Elegant Dinner

This will tell you everything you need to plan, how to serve, how much to serve,
what to serve, in what order to serve each course, etc. ... all kinds of useful information
My website specializes in fine dining gourmet recipes for elegant dinner party entertaining,
   all with photographs.

Consider the idea of asking each household to bring a dinner course.  This will certainly be 
easier on the hostess.  Make it more fun and personable by everyone plating up their course 
in the kitchen and serving it Restaurant Style.  Have them announce at the time of serving 
what it is, some of the ingredients, possibly the wine they chose to accompany it, etc., etc.
.  Everyone loves to hear these facts and it makes that course even more special.  These ideas 
are on my
How To Plan an Elegant Dinner page.

Consider making a 9 Course Christmas Eve dinner - assign courses to families

Here is an example:

Chose what you want to serve

1st Course - Appetizer - at least 2 - serve when guests arrive...  mingle with drinks.

2nd Course -
Amuse Bouche (check out my webpage for all kinds of recipes with photographs)

3rd Course - See my
First Course web page for some beautiful recipes and ideas

4th Course -

5th Course -

6th Course -
Sorbet (citrus)

7th Course -
Main Entree, and Side Dish (vegetable & starch such as potatoes)

8th Course -

9th Course - Latte's

Be sure to Garnish each course for your Christmas Eve menu!  See my
garnish web page for easy instructions

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