Angel Food Cupcake Delight, Three Layers
drizzled with chocolate ganache


I created this easy to make low fat, low cholesterol cupcake dessert recipe with a twist for something unique and a different way to serve for a special gourmet dinner party. It can be made ahead of time. Cupcakes are baked then halved, served three high on a plate with a whipped cream filling and decorated with Ganache for an easy gourmet dessert, it is cake fit for angels!

Angel Food Cupcake Delight
source: recipe and photograph created by Peggy Bucholz

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Prep Time: 20 min   Cook Time: 18 min   Total Time: 38 min    Servings: 8


1 box Angel Food Cake mix
12 muffin paper or foil baking cups
1-1/4 cups heavy cream, divided
2 tablespoons powdered sugar
1 tablespoon corn syrup
3 ounces chocolate, chopped
16 Maraschino Cherries, stems attached
Mint Sprigs for garnish

8 long toothpicks


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

Prepare cake mix according to instructions on box. Line a regular sized muffin tin with baking cups; fill 2/3 full with batter. Bake for 15 to 18 minutes. Use excess batter to make more cupcakes or fill a tube pan and bake 20 to 25 minutes.

Remove muffin tin from oven; remove and discard baking cups; trim crusted tops of cupcakes if necessary, cut each cupcake in half horizontally making 24 halved cakes.

To make chocolate ganache:
Combine 1/4 cup heavy cream and corn syrup in small saucepan over medium heat; whisk in chocolate until melted. Pour into a squirt bottle with a small opening (I use a clean plastic catsup or mustard container) and refrigerate until ready to use.

When ready to serve soften chocolate for a few seconds in a microwave oven, test it first on a small plate if necessary to see if it is the correct consistency.

In a small bowl combine the remaining 1 cup heavy cream and powdered sugar; whip to soft peaks. Place three cake halves on each plate with whipped cream between each layer; drizzle with softened chocolate ganache.

Insert long toothpicks in center of each stack to hold in place. If desired put a dollop of whipped cream on the plate next to the stacked cake and add a maraschino cherry (see my photograph). Put a cherry on top cakes, add mint sprigs and serve. How easy is that!

wine bottle Wine recommendation: Cabernet Sauvignon; Port wine

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