Amuse Bouche Recipes for Fine Dining
Chinese Spoon Recipe Ideas - Creative little bites before dinner to stimulate the palate!


What is amuse bouche? (a French term pronounced "uh-MYUZ-boosh")
Little flavorful bites to amuse your palate before the main meal is served.

Original Amuse Bouche Chinese spoon recipes I created and lots more.
A large collection of little appetizer bites, unique ideas, all served when dinner guests are first seated.

tomato soup

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Brie and Crab Soup
in a demitasse cup with a crab filled pea pod straddled across the top of the cup

Chilled Cucumber-Dill on Ice
chilled cucumber soup

with green onion, chicken broth and cream in shot glasses served over ice

Onion Garlic Soup
onion garlic soup

with cream, chicken broth, dry Sherry and cayenne served in demitasse cups

Cucumber Gazpacho
cuke gazpacho creamy soup with Tabasco, green onion, sour cream in demitasse cups

Chilled Tomato Soup
tomato soup fresh ginger root & Tabasco,
served in stemmed cordial
glasses with a lime wedge

Vichyssoise (Potato-Leek Soup)
vichyssoise soup
with cream, milk and chicken broth, served in shot glasses garnished with chives


St. Patrick's Pasta Pesto Bow Tie

pesto bowtie

Pesto shaped like a Shamrock with pasta bowtie, pine nuts and a wedge of cheese

Shrimp Cocktail
shrimp cocktail
Cocktail sauce recipe for
dipping shrimp with a
shot glass of white wine

Shrimp Cocktail Appetizer

shrimp sauce
cocktail sauce uniquely served in a hollowed out tomato shell for dipping

Shrimp, Asparagus

shrimp asparagus

Steamed sliced asparagus tossed with Italian Dressing, salad shrimp and fresh lemon zest

Shrimp in a Shot Glass

shrimp shot glass  
Shot glass filled with cocktail sauce and large shrimp sitting on rim of glass 

Shrimp in martini glass
shrimp martini glass

Shrimp in martini glass filled with crushed ice served with a spoon of cocktail sauce

Shrimp Salad Shooter
shrimp salad shooter
Shot glass filled with cocktail sauce, lettuce, shrimp, garnish with cucumber slice

Shrimp on Skewer
shrimp skewer
Shrimp are skewered ready for dipping in cocktail sauce in a cordial stemmed glass


Salmon Tartare

salmon tartare
Good quality Boneless, skinless salmon, sesame oil, green onion, ginger root and chili peppers

Oranges, Salmon Mousse
salmon mousse Salmon Mousse, Mandarin
orange segments, Raspberry Puree... little bites to start a dinner party

Prosciutto Cheese Balls
prosciutto cheese balls  

herbed cheese appetizers with a cracker served in Valentine candleholders

Cheese Cube with Vinaigrette
prosciutto cheese balls
skewered deep fried Gruyere cheese cube straddled over a shot glass of sauce


Broccoli with Truffle Oil
chinese spoon broccoli
Broccoli florets, white truffle oil, Asiago grated cheese and toasted pine nuts

Won Ton Purses
wonton purse  
Filled with sauteed mushrooms, garlic, cream sauce, wine and baked in muffin tins

Asparagus Mousse
asparagus mousse

Blend asparagus, green onions, mayonnaise, fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper and cream

Orange Sorbet
shrimp asparagus
Blend sugar, water, fresh orange juice and zest on stove top, then freeze. Serve on Chinese spoons

Salmon Tartare
salmon tartare
Boneless, skinless fresh salmon, sesame oil, green onion, ginger root and chili peppers

Shrimp Cocktail
shrimp cocktail
Chili sauce, horseradish, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, lemon juice


Parmesan Tuile-Sorbet

parmesan tuile  

Grated cheese is baked, formed into cones, filled with blended peas, fresh mint, creme fraiche


Valentine's Day Dessert

parmesan tuile
a simple scoop of ice cream in a Valentine shape candle holder.. easy amuse bouche dessert

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