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Peg Bucholz, webmaster
Peg Bucholz
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About The Author, Who Am I?

Several people have asked how I acquired my cooking and photography skills along with other questions regarding my website.

First and foremost I cannot take credit for anything.

My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the One who gave me any outstanding skills or gifts I may possess and without Him I would be nothing. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". Philippians 4:13.

I thoroughly believe this and you will see this is true as you read my background.

What is my culinary background?

The culinary skills I possess are self-taught I have no formal training.

I was a simple housewife who has developed a deep love for good tasting food, French and Northern Italian cuisine being my favorite, along with enjoying an exceptional accompanying excellent wine. I take great pleasure and thought into thinking of different ways of presenting my creations in a pleasing and unusual manner. This desire grew from a fascination of watching Great Chefs on TV and deciding why don't I give this a try with my own recipes for special dinners.  To my amazement it seemed fairly easy once I got the hang to it, I thoroughly enjoyed it and received good reviews. 

I even organized a Special Dinner Group of 11 people who had the same love for good cuisine, those that enjoy good tasting food as well as knowledge of good accompanying wine. We took turns hosting and had some really excellent food and wine.

Since I retired from my accounting job which included preparing corporate tax returns as well as partnerships and individual returns, I've had the time to develop this new desire.

I learned one of the secrets to my success that is most important as well as basic is to use the best quality fresh ingredients in any recipe. This will assure top results.

All my recipes have been tested and tried before they are posted to my website, I want all of them to be top quality for fine dining enjoyment and maintaining a high standard of excellence.

How did I start my website?

The computer skills I possess are self-taught I have no formal training.

My son-in-law suggested I start my own website. I knew nothing about how to get started, I barely knew how to turn a computer on and off or use email.

I started by using "Microsoft Word" to make a rough draft design of how I thought my site should look as well as other ideas that came to mind that I wanted to incorporate. From there I hired a young man with web design skills who came to our home. He transferred my design to a simple easy to use website program called "Microsoft FrontPage", this was way back in 2001. He then helped me register my website name and hire a host who would put everything on the worldwide web. From that point, he told me I was on my own - I never saw him again.

Being a novice, the problems I encountered were basically solved by asking my questions on a search engine. I knew nothing about HTML coding (I didn't even know what that was) which was not necessary with Microsoft FrontPage. However, I soon learned there were some things that needed to be edited. Through trial and error I learned how to put the right coding on my web pages.

Where did I learn my food styling and photography skills?

The food styling and photography skills I possess are self-taught I have no formal training.

There are hundreds of food recipe sites on the web. I wanted a unique and interesting visual website other than just written text. Everyone enjoys looking at pictures, so I purchased a digital camera with the help of my son-in-law who was a wedding photographer at the time.

I was never familiar or even good at taking pictures. My son-in-law suggested I study food magazine photos to gain insight on how to set up props and take top quality interesting photos. He installed a Photoshop program on my computer and showed me how to put the pictures on my website. Through much trial and error, I soon developed my own "signature" (style) on how to best show off my recipe creations and to capture them with my camera. Each time I make a new recipe, I take several photos from different camera angles, sometimes using different props, color combinations, plates and garnishes to set up the shot until I am satisfied then I publish it to my website. My first husband had a great skill of choosing the best picture to put on my website.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you like my site and will try the recipes that interest you to share them with your dinner guests.

Bon appetit,

- Recognition -

Peg Bucholz, Interviewed by the "Vistoso Tipster"
a monthly publication for Sun City Vistoso Community Association, Oro Valley, Arizona

Vistoso Sun City Tipster feature article, Peg Bucholz

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Interview questions directed to Peg Bucholz
by Irene Shalom, Editor for Fast Recipes

1. You mention on your site that your interest in cooking came later in life. What inspired your love of cooking?
2. What were some of the first recipes you published on the Fine Dinings site?
3. Does the Fine Dinings site focus on specific kinds of recipes or cuisines?
4. What are your favorite foods to cook/bake?
5. If you could summarize your approach to cooking into one quote, what would it be?

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Peg Bucholz, Interviewed by "Leisure World News"
a monthly publication for Leisure World Community Center, Mesa, Arizona

Leisure World News

Leisure World News

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