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How To Make Fruit and Vegetable Garnishes
A large collection of easy ways to make fruit and vegetable garnishes


Garnish ideas for salads, main entrees, dinner parties, luncheons, breakfast and more.
These are all my original creations.

strawberry fan garnish
Strawberry Fan
creation by Peggy Bucholz

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so simple anyone can make for a salad course, main entree or pasta course

Asparagus or green beans wrapped in a Carrot Ring

asparagus spears or green beans in rings makes a beautiful presentation

Recipe Beet Rose
roll up sliced beets... how to make... they form a rose... such an easy one to make

Beet Star
use a small cookie cutter to make stars from sliced beets, how easy is that!

Tomato cup filled with Broccoli
cut tomato in half, hollow out and fill with broccoli flowerettes

Tomato Cup

how to make, cut tomato in half, hollow out the inside and fill with a vegetable Cauliflowerette

Fresh Pea Pods and Carrots
carrot slices (coins) placed next
to pea pods 

Carrot Flower

carve into a flower for unique vegetable presentation

Carrot Julienne Basket
raw carrots cut thinly with a mandoline and formed into a basket... fill them with your favorite foods

Green Beans wrapped in a Carrot

wrap asparagus spears or green beans in sliced carrot rings

Vegetable - Celery
wrap celery sticks in a cucumber slice and add shrimp

Chili Peppers
a serrano pepper and celery
made into a hummingbird


Cucumber Curl
slice cucumber twist into a curl

Vegetable - Celery
wrap celery and carrot sticks
in cucumber slice, add shrimp

Green Beans 
Green Beans wrapped 
in a Carrot Ring

asparagus or green beans in
sliced carrot rings

Green Onions 
Green Onion
cut to make a green onion

Pea Pods
Fresh Pea Pods and Carrots 

cut carrot slices and lay them next
to pea pods ...  so simple to do 


Red Bell Peppers
Red Pepper Flower
charred red pepper, how to make, cut to look like a flower, so easy to do...  beautiful! 

Gaufrette Baskets 
potato slices cut waffle style with a mandoline then made into baskets and deep fried.  Fill with marble carrots, potatoes, or your favorite appetizer 

Potato Rose
roll up potato slices shape into  roses, fantastic! ...  my creation!

Sweet Potato Shoestrings
deep fry julienne potatoes for an impressive
topping to your gourmet recipes

Yam Potato Rose
sliced yams rolled up and shaped into roses...

Cherry Tomato Bowl
hollow out a cherry tomato and fill with salad greens

Cherry Flower 
how to make, carve tomatoes to look like flowers, the easiest to do.

Tomatoes - Cup
hollowed out filled with Broccoli floweret's ...  

Tomatoes - Cup
hollowed out filled with Broccoli and Cauliflower floweret's..

Tomato Rose
coil skins of tomatoes into a rose garnish... 

Tomato Wedge
a simple garnish to add color and interest, a child can make this one!

Turnip Rose
thinly sliced turnips rolled up and shaped into a rose, then dipped in food coloring .... beautiful !!

Salad Greens
Salmon Lox and salad greens
wrap salad greens in a strip of salmon lox, roll it up and serve with herbed mayonnaise

Vegetable Garnish
wrap celery sticks inside a cucumber slice, roll it up, add shrimp, such an easy garnish.

Zucchini Flower
one of my favorites! Roll up thinly sliced zucchini, an easy beautiful garnish


Sliced Banana
banana with edges rolled in chopped mint, so simple


Turkey Garnish make with Cranberry Jelly

sliced jellied cranberry sauce in a turkey shape, great for Thanksgiving dinners..  use a cookie cutter to make...
super easy garnishes!!

Christmas Tree Cranberry Garnish
sliced jellied cranberry sauce cut into a Christmas tree shape, so unique for each dinner place, use a cookie cutter to make, super easy!

Citrus- Lemon, Lime
Lemon Rose
Peel lemon skin, roll up and shape into a flower for a simple easy garnish

Lime Rose
coil a lime strip into a flower..  how easy is that for garnishes!

Lemon Slice Garnish
simple... halved lemon slice garnishes with a 'loop', see my photograph, so easy.

Strawberry Fan 
strawberry fanned out .. great garnishes for desserts

Strawberry Flower

how to make, strawberry cut to resemble a flower for fruit dessert garnishes

Watermelon Fruit Ball
small fruit watermelon balls frozen, serve with desserts, salads, sandwiches, etc. I keep them on hand in my freezer to use whenever I need them...  

Cheese Garnish

Brie Cheese
a small wedge is cut in half and filled with fresh herbs... delicious garnishes!

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