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Prime Rib

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How to Cook a Prime Rib any size to perfection

What to serve with a Prime Rib?

See my Prime Rib 7 Course Menu

Don't forget to light the candles on your beautifully decorated table to set the mood for an elegant Christmas menu!

see my Tips and Suggestions for help in planning a menu


Start your elegant Christmas Dinner menu with appetizers ...

offer your guests 3 or 4 different appetizers and beverages as they mingle before being seated
to get acquainted and/or renew friendships.
Why not serve one appetizer with seafood, one for the vegetarian, another appetizer with cheese and another with meat.
If you are hosting and inviting a large group
ask your guests to share in the fun and bring one of these appetizers for everyone to enjoy,
it will be fun to include them in making something special and maybe they will receive some 'oohs' and 'aahs' too ....
it also takes the pressure off you to have one less course to prepare.
Here are some appetizer suggestions for you to make your menu even better.

Cheese Ball Grapes
Mini Cheese Balls

Cheese and Port wine wrapped around a juicy grape rolled into balls then coated with pistachio nuts, deliciously refreshing.

Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto
Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto

Thin prosciutto slices spread with Boursin cheese, honey mustard and pepper for a 'kick' wrapped around tender crisp asparagus spears.

cheese olive pepperoni appetizer
Cheese-Olive Pepperoni
fresh rosemary stems are used to skewer pepperoni, cheese slices and olives... how easy is this appetizer to make!

Christmas cream cheese candy cane dip Cream Cheese Candy Cane Dip
a delicious dip of blue cheese decorated with red bell pepper strips formed into a candy cane served with baguette bread.

Many more Appetizers  with photographs:

Crostini -Cheese and Olive -Mushrooms - Party Trays - Pate Spread and Dip -Chicken and Beef -Seafood-Sweet -Tartlet -Vegan


After the Appetizers comes the Amuse Bouche.
Serve when guests are seated for a unique and special Christmas dinner treat.

These are little bites of delicious tasting foods to wake up the taste buds in anticipation of what is to come....
just a simple yet elegant and easy course to delight your guests...

amuse bouche shrimp appetizer Shrimp Cocktail
Simply put a small amount of cocktail sauce in shot glasses, add a shrimp with tail-on and serve. How easy is that!

amuse bouche asparagus mousse
Asparagus Mousse

Puree asparagus, onion, cayenne pepper and other ingredients together, serve on an appetizer spoon for a delicious bite.

amuse bouche gruyere cheese
Cheese Cube

Gruyere cheese cubes deep fried in oil straddled across a shot glass filled with a flavorful Orange-Herb vinaigrette for dipping

amuse bouche mushroom wonton purses Wonton Mushroom Purses
Mushrooms, garlic and Vermouth wine in wonton purses served over a cream sauce on a Chinese spoon for a unique taste.

Many more Amuse Bouche Recipes with Photos


Consider serving a First Course Appetizer ... I have many to choose from.
These are individually plated and garnished appetizers, a beautiful way to pamper your guests

All elegantly plated, most of them can be made ahead of time 

salmon mousse with cucumber slices

  Smoked Salmon Swan
Smoked salmon horseradish mousse with  cucumber slices dusted with dill weed.. 

shrimp cocktail
Shrimp Cocktail Martini

This is the easiest first course appetizer to make. It is so beautiful in a martini glass

baby artichoke appetizer
Baby Artichokes

Serve these cute little guys on a flavorful swirled mustard sauce enhanced with dill weed dip.

crostini with portobelo mushrooms and shrimp Crostini Shrimp & Mushrooms
Sauted portobello mushrooms and large shrimp sitting on crostini with a delicious tomato sauce perfect anytime.

Many more First Course Recipes with Photos 


Many great choices to choose from, these recipes are just a few suggestions for your menu...
they are all uniquely garnished making a beautiful presentation.... 
all easy to make, most of them can be made ahead of time so that you are not stressed out 
with too much preparation.

I would suggest the serving portions be no more than a 1/2 cup for each person.
Though these are excellent, they tend to be very filling,
it is best to give everyone a small taste leaving them with the concept of wanting more rather than giving too much.

chilled tomato soup with fresh ginger Chilled Tomato Soup
Fresh ginger root, vibrant red tomatoes and tabasco sauce in a cordial glass make this a special soup course.

chilled green pea mint soup
Green Pea Mint Soup

Who doesn't like the taste of fresh mint leaves... combine that with just the right ingredients and you have a fantastic entree.

shrimp bisque flambe
Shrimp Bisque Flambe

Have you ever tasted a seafood soup made fresh with shrimp stock and flambéed with brandy? You have got to try this, it's easy.

leek and spinach soup Leek-Spinach Soup
Use a ring mold to separate the spinach soup from the leek soup as it is poured into a bowl for a beautiful presentation.

Lots more Gourmet Soups with Photos for dinner menus


Here again,

I would suggest the serving portions be no more than a 1/2 cup for each person if you are planning a multi-course  dinner.
Though these are excellent, they tend to be very filling,
it is best to give everyone a small taste leaving them with the concept of wanting more rather than giving too much.

crab avocado with pickled ginger Crab Avocado Timbale
With garlic, pickled ginger and arugula in an olive oil, fresh lemon juice, Dijon mustard dressing.. how lovely for dinner

arugula pear asiago salad
Arugula Pear Asiago Salad

Fresh arugula leaves and grated Asiago cheese in a martini glass with a pear slice on the rim and a breadstick swizzle.. how elegant!

insalata caprese
Insalata Caprese

Layer tomato and Mozzarella cheese slices with fresh basil leaves in a ring mold drizzled with olive oil for a delicious combination.

hearts of romaine salad Hearts of Romaine
A unique way to serve romaine lettuce. Cut into wedges, drizzle with a balsamic vinegar, serve with Stilton cheese and candied pecans.

Lots more Gourmet Salads with Photos for menus


Here are some luscious, delicious mouth-watering main entree ideas to chose from

be sure to see all of them... each has a photograph so you can see how they look...

lobster tail poached in butter Lobster Tail
Poached in butter served over spinach with a butter dipping sauce of toasted almonds and garlic powder, so elegant for Christmas.

thanksgiving turkey with sage dressing
Turkey with Sage Dressing

Perfectly roasted turkey filled with the most delicious sage dressing enhanced with a hint of nutmeg making the flavors pop.

prime rib of beef
Prime Rib of Beef

Such an elegant choice for Christmas dinner menus... it is a classic served with a delicious au jus recipe for dinner.

rack of lamb with herbs Rack of Lamb
Roasted to perfection with fresh herbs, garlic and Dijon mustard, then served with an exceptional lamb sauce perfect for Christmas.


Lots more Gourmet Entrees with Photographs for dinner menus 


Chose a sorbet to serve just before the main entree to cleanse the palate to enjoy the feature attraction before the main entree...

here are a few you might like to serve for Christmas, all of them are made ahead of time and so easy to do to enhance your menus

no ice cream maker or sorbet machine is required!

grapefruit mint sorbet Grapefruit Mint Sorbet
So refreshing... fresh mint leaves, grapefruit juice and simple syrup make this a wonderful sorbet for Christmas menus.

orange sorbet
Orange Sorbet

This is so delicious with fresh orange juice and fresh zest of an orange... how refreshingly simple to make.

lemon sorbet
Lemon Sorbet

This is always a classic. How can you go wrong choosing this easy yet refreshing sorbet to cleanse your palate at Christmas.

green apple sorbet Green Apple Sorbet
Granny Smith Apples with apple juice and other ingredients make this an easy sorbet to serve for elegant dinner party menus.

Lots more Gourmet Sorbets with Photographs for dinner menus



Garnishes are great to use and always make Christmas dinner menus even that much better by adding color contrasts
and creating interest to any plate.

I have many to chose from, all with photographs so you can see what they will look like.

Here are just a few you might like to make.

zucchini tree garnish Zucchini Christmas Tree
Cut zucchini into pieces for the tree then use tomato or red bell peppers for the branches, make one for each guest... easy to do.

cherry tomato flower garnish
Cherry Tomato Flower

This is the easiest garnish of them all to make.. just make two cuts in the tomato, spread out the petals and add mustard for the center.

beet star garnish
Beet Stars

Another easy garnish.  Cut stars or other shapes from sliced beets with a cookie cutter, put 3 on each plate. Make them different sizes.

zucchini flower garnish Zucchini Flower
An easy one to make ahead of time, just roll up sliced zucchini slices, refrigerate until ready to use. Put one on each plate.

Lots more Gourmet Garnishes with Photographs for dinner menus



Chose side dishes to enhance your Christmas dinner menus...

I have many to chose from, all with photographs so you can see what they will look like.

Here are just a few you might like to make.

broccoli cheese pine nut side dish Steamed Broccoli
Cooked al dente, sprinkled with toasted pine nuts and grated Parmesan cheese, then drizzled with white truffle oil.

julienne carrots and pea pods
Fresh Snow Peas and Carrots

A colorful easy vegetable to prepare, just toss with olive oil, lemon juice, minced garlic and fresh Thyme leaves... so refreshing.

Sweet Potato Baskets
Baked wonton baskets made ahead of time filled with pureed sweet potatoes, put one on each plate for a unique Christmas side dish.

carrot spaghetti Fresh Carrot Spaghetti
Cut carrot into thin strands then toss with vegetable oil and dill weed... very simple to make, refreshing and colorful.

Lots more Gourmet Side Dishes with Photographs for dinner menus



End this beautiful Christmas dinner menu with an elegant dessert ...

it is rewarding to make this feast even more special by adding some simple and easy to make desserts..

here are some recipes you may like to go with your menus

I have many gourmet desserts to chose from... all with photographs so you can see the final product.
Most all of them are sooooo easy to make.

Here are just a few you might like to serve your guests to include in your menus.

chocolate mousse cake Chocolate Mousse Cake
Easy to make ahead of time, beautiful individual little 2" chocolate cake rounds filled with a delicious creamy chocolate mousse.

chocolate mousse
Chocolate Mousse

Make this ahead of time then serve topped with whipped cream in martini glasses for a spectacular Christmas presentation.

ice cream tuille
Ice Cream Tuille

Bake a tuille strip then wrap it around a small timbale of ice cream, dust the plate with cocoa and serve for a gourmet dessert.

coffee ice cream with cappuccino thins Ice Cream & Cappuccino
Put coffee ice cream on a Chinese Spoon, then put whipped cream between Cappuccino Cookies and serve this easy elegant dessert.

Lots more Gourmet Desserts with Photographs for dinner menus

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