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Breakfast Menu Gourmet Ideas, Unique and Tasty Recipes to Entertain your Bed and Breakfast Guests.

Breakfast Menu
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Peanut Butter Crunch French Toast
Menu Ideas

a delicious tasting crunchy breakfast treat for adults and kids, rolled in crushed corn flakes, so good to include in your breakfast menu.

Eggs Benedict - the easy way
breakfast menu

poached egg on a toasted English muffin half with Canadian Bacon

French Toast 'Stars' Menu Ideas

bread cut into stars then filled with sliced bananas, topped with cinnamon and toasted almonds...  delicious!

Hash Brown Cheese Egg Pie Recipe Menu Ideas

Baked hash browns, cheese and egg in mini pie tins served hot with smoked bacon, a delicious menu.

Champagne Breakfast Menu Ideas

fresh fruit, blueberry muffin, apricot jam, coffee, orange juice and a flute of Champagne

Fresh Fruit and Toasted Baguette Menu Ideas

strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, blackberry jam, coffee, orange juice
, wonderful menu

Granola Balls Menu Ideas

unique and tasty.. no need to bake granola balls, serve with fresh fruit

Stuffed French Toast with Bacon Strips Menu Ideas

bread slices are slit open, filled with a delicious apricot mixture then sauteed golden brown

Hash Browns, Egg, Baguette Toast and Orange Juice Menu Ideas

easy and delicious for overnight guests.. add a fresh strawberry to the rim of a champagne glass filled with fresh orange juice.... beautiful!!!

Scrambled Egg-Bacon-Cheese Croissant Breakfast Sandwich Menu Ideas

easy to make, serve with hash brown potatoes and fresh fruit

Baked Eggs, Bacon and Spinach in ramekins
baked egg, bacon, spinach

easy to make, serve with fresh fruit, coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice

Bananas on a Stick
bananas on a stick

bananas cut into chunks then rolled in chopped nuts or toasted coconut or chopped chocolate, served on a skewer placed in a tall wine glass.

Savory French Toast with Spinach, Parmesan Cheese
Savory French Toast with Spinach

thick 1-inch French bread slices dipped in egg and parmesan cheese, toasted in pan and topped with freshly wilted spinach and more cheese

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