Wine Tasting Score Card

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Wine Tasting Score Card, How to Do a Wine Tasting

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Score Card:

Name of wine _________________
District/Type _________________
Merchant/bottler ________________

Glass No . ___
Vintage _________

Date Purchased _________
Price ___________

SIGHT        Score (Maximum 2)               ________

CLARITY : cloudy, bitty, dull, clear, brilliant
DEPTH OF COLOR: watery, pale, medium, deep, dark
COLOR: (white wines) green tinge, pale yellow, yellow, gold, brown
              (red wines) purple, purple/red, red, red/brown
VISCOSITY: slight sparkle, watery, normal, heavy, oily


AROMA       Score (Maximum 5)            _________ 

GENERAL APPEAL: neutral, clean, attractive, outstanding, off (e.g. yeasty, acetic, oxidized, woody, etc.)
FRUIT AROMA: none, slight, positive, identifiable
BOUQUET: none, pleasant, complex, powerful


1TASTE       Score (Maximum 9)           __________

SWEETNESS : (white wines) bone-dry, dry, medium-dry, medium-sweet, very sweet
TANNIN: (red wines) astringent, hard, dry, soft
ACIDITY: flat, refreshing, marked, tart
BODY: very light & thin, light, medium, full-bodied, heavy
LENGTH: short, acceptable, extended, lingering
BALANCE: unbalanced, good, very well-balanced, perfect


OVERALL Score (Maximum 4)              _________ 

coarse, poor, acceptable, fine, outstanding


SCORING        Total Score (out of 20)     ________


DATE ___________________________

MY GUESS _______________________________

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