Strawberry Fan Garnish

How To Make A Strawberry Fan Garnish

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Strawberry fan garnishes are easy to make, I like to serve them standing upright and sometimes I put them on their side... be sure to leave the hulls attached.

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Strawberry Fan Garnish />

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Strawberry Fan Garnish
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Recipe Type: garnish, strawberry, strawberry fan

Prep Time:10 min
Total Time: 10 min
Yield: 1 strawberry fan garnish


1 Strawberry, hull attached
mint sprig
, for garnish


Place strawberry on cutting board hull-side down. Make 1/8-inch vertical cuts but not completely through the strawberry leaving the portion near the hull still attached. Decorate plates by laying cut strawberry on it's side and fanning out the slices or stand strawberry upright on the hull and gently spread out the slices. Serve with a dessert.

Wine recommendation: Cabernet Sauvignon; Port

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