Leg of Lamb 6 Course Dinner Menu
seasoned with garlic and flavorful herbs then rolled up and roasted

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with a shrimp appetizer, amuse bouche cucumber gazpacho soup in a shot glass just to name a few items in this gourmet offering.  

Leg of Lamb, 6 Course Menu
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Leg of Lamb, 6 Course Menu

Leg of Lamb
6 course


Fresh Shrimp served on a platter of crushed ice
shrimp on ice
with a zesty Cocktail Sauce served in a martini glass

Amuse Bouche

Cucumber Gazpacho Soup served in shot glasses
cucumber gazpacho soup
garnished with a fresh cucumber spear


Arugula, Pear and Asiago Salad
arugula pear asiago salad
fresh arugula greens sliced pears topped with Asiago cheese

Main Entree

Boneless Rolled Leg of Lamb
Leg of Lamb, 6 Course Menu  
with Dijon mustard and garlic roasted and cut into roulades

Sauce for Lamb
Leg of Lamb, 6 Course Menu
hoisin and plum sauce combined with rosemary and tarragon herbs

Garlic Mashed Potatoes
garlic mashed potatoes
with an herb encrusted potato chip garnish

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans
bacon wrapped green beans


Ice Cream served in martini glasses rimmed with crushed Oreo cookies oreo ice cream


end this beautiful dinner party menu with Lattes

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