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How to cook a perfect Prime Rib

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prime rib

6 course 
Rib Eye Steak Menu
broiled to perfection and presented with gourmet party courses with recipes

7 course
Prime Rib of Beef
A classic beef prime rib entree! Perfectly roasted rare prime rib served with au jus and horseradish sauce

8 course
Beef Tenderloin Steak

beef stuffed, beautifully presented on a sculpted tomato petal for a special dinner recipes

3 course
black pasta, mushroom hazelnut salad, coffee granita, shrimp cocktail, chocolate molten lava cake, arugula salad


lamb loin chop

3 course
loin chops, crab appetizer, hasselback potatoes and mini apple pies party menu

6 course
Rack of Lamb
roasted herb Dijon hazelnut crust for a dinner party menu recipes

6 course
Leg of Lamb
boneless lamb rolled up and baked with herbs for beautiful dinner party menu

7 course
Lamb Loin Chops
perfectly roasted and garnished with a sculptured potato rose for delicious dinner recipes


lobster tail

3 course
lobster in beurre monte with fresh spinach

8 course
Lobster Tail
poached lobster slowly infused with butter, so special for any dinner


chicken boursin stuffed

6 course 
Cornish Game Hens
served over savory Wild Rice and a prime Shiitake Mushroom Sauce

7 course
Chicken Breasts filled with Boursin Cheese

stuffed and rolled chicken, cut on the bias for a beautiful presentation

8 course
Cornish Game Hens with Blackberry Sauce
roasted hens served over a delicious blackberry sauce

8 course
Cornish Game Hens
easy delicious menu, make
most everything ahead

3 course
chicken, cheese and spinach
butter, garlic chicken
chicken in brandy sauce


baked salmon roulade

3 course
Salmon Roulade,

Baked Salmon in wine, an excellent choice for dinner

8 course
Baked Salmon Roulade
served on a Potato Galette and a prime beurre blanc sauce


trout puff pastry

3 course
trout in puff pastry, gaufrette baskets go well with trout

7 course
Trout filled with Salmon Mousse in Puff Pastry
recipes for an easy trout entree beautifully presented


coconut shrimp

6 course
coconut shrimp with a delicious dipping sauce, an excellent dinner combination easy to do!


veal scaloppini

3 course
veal entree with baby artichokes and a strawberry dessert

7 course 
Veal Scaloppini
veal served over wild mushroom cream


Thanksgiving Turkey

7 course 
Thanksgiving Turkey
choose your menu
all with photographs

8 course 
choose your favorite, all with photographs

more main meal party recipes


8 course
Turkey Dinner

Stuffing Balls

Wine recommendations: see recipes

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