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Three Course Menu Ideas
Chicken Breasts Baked... easy and delicious!

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Three Course Dinner Ideas

Beef Menu

#1 Menu
- Rib eye steak stuffed with mushrooms

#2 Menu - Prime rib of beef au jus and horseradish sauce

#3 Menu - Beef tenderloin sculptured tomato rose

Lamb Menu
#1 Menu - Rack of lamb, hasselback potatoes, spinach salad

#2 Menu - Lamb loin chops, pureed sweet potato baskets

Lobster Tail

lobster tail poached in buerre monte infused with butter

Chicken Menus

#1 Menu - Stuffed with spinach and cheese

#2 Menu - Breasts baked, coated in garlic chips

#3 Menu - Ballotine of Chickenin a brandy mustard mixture

Salmon Menu

#1 Menu - Roulade with potato galette, tomato beurre blanc

#2 Menu - Baked Salmon, wine and cucumber cream sauce

Trout stuffed with salmon mousse in puff pastry

Veal Scallopini in a cream sauce

Cornish Hen Menus

#1 Menu - Cornish hens and little savory stuffing balls

#2 Menu - Cornish hens with wild rice and mushrooms

#3 Menu - with Blackberry Sauce, Parisienne potatoes

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