Meats & Cheeses Party Tray
how to make a party tray - meats and cheeses

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It is easy to make party tray platters, just go to the deli purchase what you like, such as meats and cheeses roll them up,
place on a party tray serving platter and garnish with plenty of fresh parsley to show off your beautiful party tray creation.. Be sure to see more of my easy
Party Tray Recipes with photographs. See more Easy Appetizers.

Party Tray, Meat and Cheese

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Meats & Cheeses Party Tray
recipe and photograph by Peggy Bucholz

Recipe Type: party tray, meat, turkey, beef, cheese, appetizer, dinner party

Prep Time: 10 min
Total Time: 10 min
Yield: 16-inch platter


1 pound deli Roast Beef meats, sliced thinly
1/2 pound deli Turkey Breast meats, sliced thinly
1/2 pound each of sliced Muenster, American and Swiss cheeses softened
6 ounce can black olives, pitted, drained
Curly leaf Parsley for garnish


Fold or roll meats such as beef, turkey and softened cheese into 1-inch wide pieces; place on a serving platter with rows of parsley between; garnish with black olives in the center and serve. Can be made ahead, covered and refrigerated.

Wine recommendation: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Cabernet, Merlot

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